Girl Scouts of Jamaica

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Welcome to the Girl Scouts of Jamaica!

We are a 21st century re-birth of the movement which began with Ernest Seton's Woodcraft Indians in the USA in 1902 and was advanced in Scouting in England under Lord Baden-Powell since 1907!  We are a Christian faith based, organization. The Centenary is a great time for a rebranding, revamping and revitalizing. Join the celebration, join the fun, join today!

The Girl Scouts of Jamaica are registered with the Order of World Scouts, the oldest international scout association, founded in 1911.

The Peenie Wallie Handbook, Doctorbird Handbook, Girl Scout Handbook and Leader's Manual are all available on the Downloads page. The troop/member Registration Form is also available on the downloads page in the Forms folder. Send in registrations by mail, email or fax (see the contact page for more details).

Proficiency Badge syllabuses, Games, Songs, Crafts and other Activities have been uploaded to the Downloads page.  These resources are essential for planning interesting, exciting and educational meetings every week. Go ahead, check them out, make your selections and start building your programme file.

Coming Soon: the complete badge book.

Who may join?

Membership is voluntary and open to all girls and young women regardless of creed, race, nationality or any other circumstance, provided that the member is willing and committed to uphold the promise and the law of the movement. Leaders must uphold the promise, law and constitution.

Girls and young women who have previously been Girl Scouts or Girl Guides in other organizations may transfer their membership and their qualifications to the Girl Scouts of Jamaica.

Girls may join at the appropriate level and make their Promise at a special Promise Ceremony after completing their pre-promise programme. Once a girl joins Girl Scouts of Jamaica she can move through from section to section simply by renewing her promise at a Flying Up Ceremony.

Calendar of Events 2009-2010

September 1: Start of the Girl Scout Year
September 1-30: Census Month, please send in your registrations on time!
October 5: Founder’s Day, Anniversary of First Promise Ceremony, Girl Scouts' Day

October 29: Doctorbirds' Day
November: World Scouting Month and Youth Month (JA) - Special Activities, Revels for Peenie Wallies and Doctorbirds, Rallies for Junior and Senior Scouts
November 11: OWS Anniversary, World Scouting Day
December: Service Month - Every Troop to conduct a service project
January: Conference and Planning Month

February 13: Peenie Wallies' Day
April 6-9: Annual Scout Camp for Doctorbird, Junior and Senior Scouts

April 10: Leaders’ Training Day
May: Girl Scouting Month and Child Month (JA) - Special Activities for all sections
May 24: 101st Anniversary of the British Girl Scouts

August 5: GSJ Anniversary Day
August 31: End of the Girl Scout Year


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What are the Girl Scout Troops?

Peenie Wallie Scouts: Basic School or Kindergarten and Grades 1-3             

Doctor Bird Scouts: Grades 3-6

Junior Scouts: Grades 7-10

Senior Scouts: Grades 10-13           

Dedicated Troops - A Girl Scout Troop can be dedicated to one section of the movement. 

Combination Troops - A Girl Scout Troop can be a combination of two, three or all four sections of the movement. 

Lone Scouts - If you are not able to join an existing troop but would still like to be a member you can become a Lone Scout. Follow the programme booklets and Lone Scout Leaders will keep in touch periodically to monitor your progress.

GSJ also has web based interactive member forums! Join us in our discussions and bring your questions and ideas too.

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