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Peenie Wallies

Peenie Wallie Scouts are girls in Basic School or Kindergarten and Grades 1-3.


Who can be a Peenie Wallie?

You can be a Peenie Wallie Scout if you are in Basic School, Kindergarten or Grades 1-3 in school. You must attend meetings for at least four weeks before making your Promise. During this period you are called a Recruit.

The Peenie Wallie Promise

I promise that I will do my best:

To love God

And to be kind and helpful

The Peenie Wallie Eight Points

The girls have a balanced and varied programme which is organized in eight areas called eight points. They are as follows.

Peenie Wallies:
- are knowing and growing
- enjoy listening and moving
- make a promise
- enjoy making things
- enjoy playing together
- are ready to help
- enjoy helping at home

- enjoy exploring and discovering





The Promise Pin is pictured below.

The Fleur-de-lis is significant for two reasons. In early christianity it represented the Holy Spirirt. In Scouting it represents the three parts of the promise, "Duty to God", Service to Man", Obedience to the Law".


What Peenie Wallies do

They take part in all sorts of activities. In whatever they do, they explore, share and discover.


They play games, paint and make things, listen to stories, sing songs, learn about nature and their environment and do many more activities both in and out of doors.


They have many fun adventures and at the same time learn to be kind and helpful.

The Peenie Wallie Trips

The girls have two tasks set in each of the eight points. They have to complete a total of 12 tasks, with at least one from each of the eight points, in each of the journeys they travel. Each trip takes approximately a year to complete. The first trip is to the Moon, followed by a trip to the Sun, and finally a trip to the Stars.

Schedule of Activities

September is Census Month. Make sure to register and pay your annual fee. The registration form is found on the downloads page.

November 1-30 : World Scouting Month, Revels

November 11 : OWS Anniversary, World Scouting Day

December is Service Month. All the Peenie Wallies in the Troop decide on and perform a service activity.

February 13: Peenie Wallies' Day

May 1-31 Girl Scouting Month and Child Month. Special activities are planned in celebration of this observance.