Girl Scouts of Jamaica

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Volunteers age 16 and over can be Assistant Leaders and those age 18 and over can be Leaders.


Who can be a Leader?

Any woman who is willing to be a volunteer, and will keep the Promise and obey the Law, can be a Leader of a Girl Scout Troop. A day training seminar is arranged once per quarter. At the end of the first stage (first training day), the Leader is enrolled and receives her warrant to run her Troop. She is expected to continue training until she has completed all the stages.

Leaders who have previously been trained to work with scouts or guides can transfer their qualifications.


Schedule of Events for Leaders

Monday October 19, 2009 - Training Day - 10am-3pm

January - Conference and Planning Month

Saturday January 30, 2010- Leaders' Conference and Training Day, 9am - 3pm

Saturday April 10, 2010 - Training Day- 10am-3pm

The Promise

On my honour,
I promise that I will do my best:

To do my duty to God,
To serve my country and help other people,
And to obey the Scout Law



Chief Co-ordinator - Lavinia McClure

Peenie Wallie Co-ordinator - Debbie-Ann Webley

Doctorbird Co-ordinator - Tracyann Taffe

Girl Scout (jnr and snr) Co-ordinator - vacant

Membership Co-ordinator - Lavinia McClure

Kingston Co-ordinator - Petrona McLeod

St Andrew North Co-ordinator - Stella Maris Leaders

St Andrew East Co-ordinator - Latoya White

St Andrew South Co-ordinator - Winsome James

St Andrew West Co-ordinator - Janet Headlam

St Catherine & Clarendon Co-ordinator - Simone Grant

Manchester & St Elizabeth Co-ordinator - vacant

Hanover & Westmoreland Co-ordinator - vacant

St James & Trelawny Co-ordinator - vacant

St Ann & St Mary Co-ordinator - vacant

Portland and St Thomas Co-ordinator - vacant

The Adult Eight Points

  • Intelligence
  • Fitness and Health
  • Morals and Values
  • Creative Expression
  • Social Skills
  • Service
  • Homecraft and Hospitality
  • Environment


There is a wide selection of activities, songs, crafts and games for you to do with your girls in meetings. Visit the Downloads page and build your activity file. If you have an activity to share send it to so that we can upload it and share it with everyone.